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As more retailers start selling CBD products, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that any business extracting or manufacturing cannabinoid hemp in New York State must obtain a Cannabinoid Hemp Processor license. Likewise, any business selling cannabinoid hemp products to consumers in the state of New York must be licensed as a Cannabinoid Hemp Retailer.

So if you are a retailer located in New York or even just selling CBD products to consumers in the state, learn more about how you can proceed with getting your license on the New York State Department of Health’s website here: New York is just one of the latest states to further regulate CBD and hemp products, and others are slowly following suit. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration is also constantly working to regulate CBD products. In December of 2020, they issued five warning letters to companies for selling products containing cannabidiol in ways that violate the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

As we look into a bright future and more states continue to regulate CBD products, here are just a few new and trending items:

Zen Formula Chocolate

Calm, cool, and collected — the new CBD-infused Zen Formula from Fx Chocolate counteracts the chaos in delicious dark chocolate squares. Utilizing a broad spectrum hemp oil extract to create a serenity-supporting supplement, Zen Formula is THC-free and delivers a single nutritional dose in each serving with sustainably sourced ingredients crafted by an award-winning chocolatier.

Fx Chocolate
Tel.: 860-498-2236

Hemp Soap

This creamy, handmade soap is made with hemp seeds for a gentle exfoliation, while also providing a great cleanse for the body, hair, and face. Hemp seeds provide a gentle exfoliation that does not scrape or pinch the skin.

Earth & Anchor Soap Co.

CBD Hot Chocolate on a Stick

The Bang Candy Company’s famous hot chocolate on a stick is now available with 10mg of hemp extract per stick. They blend premium Belgian dark and white chocolate, local and organic hemp extract, plus a few of their yummy secret ingredients. Simply melt the chocolate in a mug of hot milk.

The Bang Candy Company
Tel.: 615-953-1065

CBD Starter Pack

Get everything you need to start selling CBD with this CBD starter pack. It comes with nine 500mg oil tinctures in 3 flavors, nine 1,500mg tinctures in 3 flavors, 5 nano CBD + CBG Muscle Salves, five 30 count CBD gummies at 750mg, five 30 count CBD gummies at 1,500mg, and 15 CBD bath bombs at 200mg.

Galaxy CBD

500mg Relief Gel Roll-On

This 500mg Relief Gel Roll-on is easy and convenient to use on-the-go for muscle pain relief and relief from back spasms. It is made with THC-free, broad spectrum hemp, magnesium sulfate, natural plant extracts and essential oils of cooling menthol, mint and soothing vanilla.

Nu Bloom Botanicals