Hot Summer Products


With summer in-gear and everyone looking to cut loose, it’s a good time to offer products that fit the cannabis lifestyle. These are our picks for summer 2021:

volcano hybrid

The Volcano Hybrid

The new dual-inhalation system lets users enjoy vapor with a classic S&B Volcano balloon bag or whip delivery system. The Hybrid Volcano features improved airflow, a newly designed app for total control over your sessions, and a heat-up time that is ten times faster than other vapes.

three-torch lighters

RONXS Torch Lighter 2 Pack

The RONXS torch lighter with three-jet flame is highly wind-resistant, and has the ability to light faster and more efficiently than single or dual-flamed models. The flame regulator is located at the bottom of the lighter and both the length and size can be easily adjusted according to your needs. The additional punch cutter adds extra convenience.

lighter sleeve tool set

LighterBro Stainless Steel Lighter Sleeve

This metal sleave/multi-tool fits over a standard Bic lighter. It has a sharp knife for slicing blunts,

sissors for opening bags, bottle opener for opening drinks and a micro screw driver which can be used as a poker to stir a bowl.


GR8TR Mini Grinder

The GR8TR Mini Grinder is modular by design. You can break it into a slim pocketable storage puck to make it more compact.

It comes equipped with a micro teeth design and deep dish chamber, made from high-grade aluminum. Each model comes with a limited lifetime warranty and they’re built to last. Available in rose gold, matte silver, matte blue, black and in various sizes.

cannabolish air freshener

Cannabolish Smoke Odor Eliminator Spray and Air Freshener

Perfumes and air fresheners only cover odors and are made from harmful ingredients. Cannabolish completely removes smoke odors using a safe, natural blend of water and plant oils – no toxic chemicals or fake fragrances. Made with non-aerosol, biodegradable spray and recyclable packaging. It’s non-toxic, contains no harsh chemicals and is safe around people and pets.