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What started as an idea to change the industry has blossomed into a passionate family business and reality. Everyone involved, from farmer to customer, receives the best hemp products possible that exceed standards and expectations at the maximum value. Sourced from local Wisconsin farmers, Partnered Process is here offering CBD products that are good for the mind, body, and overall health.

Hemp Crafted for Health

From topicals and smokables to tinctures and edibles, Partnered Process creates CBD for any type of consumer. They offer lotions, massage oil, vape cartridges, pre-rolled joints, CBD flower, full-spectrum tinctures, and gummies. All of the company’s products are USDA-Organic, cGMP compliant, and undergo third party lab testing for the ultimate quality.

Partnered Process has nothing to hide, and is proud to show how all of their products are made. Each product includes a QR code to show lab results of the oil and the Wisconsin farm where the hemp was harvested. There is no guessing where the oil came from and whether or not it is real – everything you need to know is right on the packaging as well as on their website,

Coming Together to Produce High Quality Hemp Products

The company was founded in 2018 by two lifelong friends: Sam Ward and Drew Faude. Soon after that, Janet Gambel, an organic farmer in Wisconsin as well as a part-owner of Turtle Creek Gardens, agreed to help get the company up and running. They came together and started Partnered Process with the same goals in mind:

  • To produce high quality botanicals with clean, organic materials.
  • To partner with farmers and provide a local service to process hemp by using clean and environmentally-friendly methods.

Partnered Process is a great company to get started with selling CBD products. Their highly skilled team services multiple areas of the hemp industry to not only get vendors the product they need, but the resources and guidance to bring it to market. To get started selling their products today, give them a call at 262-875-6886.

Partnered Process
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