Dispensary Display Cases: What to Look For


When it comes to marketing efforts, display cases are often overlooked as a functional but unimportant detail for selling cannabis products. This view could not be more wrong.

Why are Your Display Cases Important?

These inventory-housing structures serve as a way to show off and arrange your products, impacting your customer’s shopping experience with them. They can do so much more though.

Depending on what dispensary display case you get, they can also have functions like temperature controls that preserves products, a unique design that attracts customers, or locking mechanisms that keep products safe.

How Will Display Cases Help Your Business?

For many customers shopping at cannabis dispensaries, the whole process is an educational experience, either because they are new to cannabis or because your store has new products.

Even customers who know what they want from a dispensary can easily be persuaded to add other products because the whole experience is still such a novelty and there’s always more to learn and experience.

Your merchandising strategy should be all about reducing barriers between your customers and your products to take advantage of this, which means having clear, easy-to-view display cases. By aptly displaying your products, you allow them to speak for themselves, driving sales.

Features to Look for in a Dispensary Display Case

Not all dispensary display cases are created equal.

Below are some features you should consider when shopping for a display case:

Enhancement of Merchandise Value: High-quality display cases will connote to customers that the products inside are also high-quality. Make your products look valuable by housing them in a case worthy of them.

Solid Security: Your display case must keep your products secure so that you’re following regulations and also preventing theft.

Flexible Design: It’s a great idea to get a display case you can move around and adjust. Your business will change over the years, so you’ll need your display cases to adapt as well.

Protection: Cannabis products, like concentrate and oils, are extremely susceptible to damage from factors like heat or light. Your case should be made of specific glass that will minimize these factors, preserving your products.

The 5 Best Dispensary Display Cases on the Market

Below are 5 of the best dispensary display cases on the market, from some of the most reputable manufacturers.

1. Traditional Display Case from DisplayDispensary.com

dispensary display cases

Traditional display cases hold a large number of products, can be stationary or movable, typically have adjustable hardware, and aren’t designed with particular products in mind.

Because of all of this, they are great for new dispensary owners who still haven’t figured out their business or what exact products they’ll need display cases for.

An excellent traditional display case is the DisplayDispensary.com Glass Showcase Display Cabinet. This contemporary display case is constructed of steel and glass and has LED lights to accentuate and promote products. These cases range from $800 to $1,000.

2. Lockable Display Case from Bud Bar Cabinet

bud bar display case

If your priority when purchasing a display case is security, you’re going to want to get a lockable display case. These display cases ensure that you’re housing your products in a way that follows regulations. They also protect your products from theft day or night.

One of the most secure display cases available is the Bud Bar Cabinet with an LED lighted base and rear locking doors. This professional case is attractive, efficient, and secure. It has gorgeous green acrylic panels, tempered glass, three tiered levels for display, and LED lights. Prices range from $600 to $1,800 depending upon size.

3. Custom Display Case from Display Smart

display smart custom case

Sometimes your vision for the perfect display case doesn’t exist online. Not a problem. Many display case companies allow you to custom design a case for your dispensary that perfectly fits your needs and vision.

To build your own display case, check out the Display Smart. Whatever your store’s need, whether you’re looking for hanging cases, accessible cases, mobile cases, or anything else, Display Smart can make them for you.

4. Wall Mounted Display Case from shopPOPdisplays.com

wall-mounted display case

Your dispensary is small, but you have big dreams for it. Maximize your space so you can showcase as many products as possible, consider getting a wall-mounted display case.

Not only do wall-mounted displays save space they also make sure your products are available at eye level for consumers so they have no trouble viewing them.

This wall-mounted display case goes above and beyond. It allows you to display and secure your cannabis products with the front double door opening, six-shelf acrylic cabinet, and cam lock keys. Pricing starts at $199.

5. Uniquely Designed Display Case from Jahabow

greenhouse display case

Make your products stand out with a completely unique display case that draws the eye. The Jahabow Greenhouse display case  features a bright display area, a unique “greenhouse” design, and a locking-hinged door to secure your products. Visit their website at www.jahabow.com to request a quote. How a product is showcased impacts how customers perceive it. You could have the nicest logo in the world on some of the highest-quality marijuana products, but if they’re housed in a hard-to-reach, poorly lit, dingey display case, you’re going to have trouble making sales. Make your presentation attractive, practical, secure, and increase your sales.