Wonderful Burns, Nothing at all But Blue Skies, Pre-Rolled Cones 32…


ULTRA THIN AND SLOW BURNING. Ultra thin European style fruit peel & husk based rolling paper.
PLANT BASED COLORS AND CATEGORY 3 TESTED. Coloring made from edible, taste free plant based oils with natural pigments. All of our cones have passed the California Category 3 testing required when used in commercial pre-roll production.
ECO-FRIENDLY. Made from natural eco-friendly palm pulp rolling paper that comes from the husk of the palm fruit and NOT the tree.
UNIQUE STYLE. Great for showing off with friends or on social media posts, or matching with your fashion choice of the day.
BEAUTIFUL PACKAGING. Cones are packaged in a clear plastic jar with resealable twist-on lid.


Price: $24.99
(as of Jun 24,2024 05:02:52 UTC – Details)

Introducing Wonderful Burns, Nothing But Blue Skies Pre-Rolled Cones 32. These pre-rolled cones are perfect for when you want a smooth smoking experience with no added flavors or chemicals. Each cone is carefully crafted for a perfect burn every time, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite herbs without any harshness. With 32 cones in each pack, you’ll have plenty to share with friends or enjoy on your own. Experience the beauty of blue skies with Wonderful Burns pre-rolled cones.


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