Uncooked ominA 8oz – Unleash Explosive Development with Plant-Run …

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Natural Amino Acid Advantage: Unleash the power of readily available vegan nitrogen and essential amino acids for explosive growth and vibrant foliage.
Enhanced Calcium Uptake & Cell Wall Powerhouse: Amino acids chelate calcium, building strong cell walls for increased strength and stress resistance.
Boost Natural Defenses: Increased Brix levels and stronger cell walls create a natural armor against cold, heat, pests, and disease.
Universal Compatibility: RAW ominA plays well with all your existing nutrient and feeding programs for seamless integration.
Effortless Application: Easily mixes into water and won’t clog pumps or irrigation lines for hassle-free application.


Price: $36.64 - $31.14
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Introducing Uncooked ominA 8oz – Unleash Explosive Growth with Plant-Powered Nutrition!

Uncooked ominA is a revolutionary plant-based growth supplement that is designed to help unleash explosive development in your plants. Packed with essential nutrients and powerful plant extracts, this 8oz bottle is the key to unlocking the full potential of your garden or indoor plants.

With Uncooked ominA, you can expect to see faster growth, stronger roots, and healthier overall plant development. This all-natural formula is free from harmful chemicals and synthetic additives, making it safe for use on all types of plants.

Give your plants the boost they need to thrive and reach their full potential with Uncooked ominA. Order your bottle today and experience the power of plant-run growth!

Customers say

Customers like the nitrogen and quality of the fertilizer. They mention that it helps the uptake of nutrients, and that it acts as a chelate for trace metals.

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13 reviews for Uncooked ominA 8oz – Unleash Explosive Development with Plant-Run …

  1. Chris

    Smells like movie theater popcorn
    It really does. But anyways, this product is doing a great job in a nutrient film system.

  2. Rafael Kessler

    Good source of amigos.
    Easy to dissolve and really concentrate.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Great product
    Works great

  4. Cory

    Got to love RAW
    Like all my reviews of RAW products, the pouch should get double bagged in a ziplock. Sometimes the pouch itself won’t seal. Working with powder is much easier then liquid. Since I have started using RAW products my plants look amazing. This works especially well on fruiting plants because it increases the uptake of calcium. You really should try this along with their other products.

  5. Michael Galioto

    Very cool stuff. If you need a little extra N, this is how I would do it.
    Amino acids with calcium improve root ionic movement. Nitrogen makes most amino acids so it does have a relatively high N content. If used at earlier stages, it promotes healthy and strong plants with good cardiovascular systems! Increase in mineral uptake!

  6. Mr. Clone

    Great for more calcium uptake
    Using this with the right recipe will help your plants uptake calcium. I have gotten some of my cannabis plants to 23.4 brix levels in veg. This works awesome.

  7. Eric J.

    Does work well. Price too much.

  8. Saul gravy

    The ladies love it.
    Good stuff npk industries.

  9. Byron M.

    Strong brics, cell walls means no aphids or mould or mildew. This and calmag gives you just that

  10. Amazon Customer

    Excellent product Harvey’s the man 👍

  11. Mohamed Yunos

    This product is use for my revolutionary garden.

  12. scott mckelvie

    Harley was spot on

  13. ryad


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