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“The Drug Hunters: The Improbable Quest to Discover New Medicines” is a gripping and informative book that delves into the fascinating world of pharmaceutical research and drug discovery. Through captivating stories and real-life examples, the author takes readers on a journey through the challenges and triumphs of the scientists and researchers who are tirelessly working to find new treatments and cures for diseases. This book sheds light on the complex and often unpredictable process of drug development, offering readers a deeper understanding of the groundbreaking work being done in the field of medicine.

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Product Title: The Drug Hunters: The Improbable Quest to Discover New Medicines

13 reviews for The Drug Hunters: The Improbable Quest to Discover New Medic…

  1. Steve E. Lansing

    Very informative and wonderfully entertaining
    I’m a retired professor and worked closely with colleagues in the pharmacology dept. so I thought I’d know a thing or two about drug discovery. Not so, I wouldn’t have thought that a book on drug discovery would be so full of interesting anecdotes and insights into innovation, but this book certainly is! I frequently come upon news items about clinical trials for drugs but I’ve only ever heard the ‘story’ of The Pill and penicillin. This book covers both and adds to the stories, but many other drug discoveries prove to be equally interesting. As I was reading, I thought I learned something new on every page, so I tested it. After finishing the book, I opened it at random and looked through the following ten pages. Sure enough there was something new to me on 9 of the 10 pages!

  2. Jimmy

    Good Background on Pharmaceuticals
    Very informative and easy to read. Gives an interesting view of how drugs are found or created. Also gives some insight into the individuals and companies that contribute to modern medicine

  3. Jeff

    Awesome History Lesson
    Really great history in here, especially around things that we still consume to this day. I don’t have a medical background but still enjoyed reading this one and thought it was quite interesting

  4. YackobatzZbd

    Fascinating and Well Written
    Wonderfully accessible history of drug discovery. The history brought the current situation into focus. The author did a fine job of presenting the story in a way that was interesting. He avoided hindering the story with arcane and scientific names, although it seems like that information is there for the more erudite. His quiet and dry humor helped keep the reading light. And his use of metaphor and simile ensured that I understood the points he wanted to make. I imagine that it was a challenge to make the chapters and the book itself a reasonable length. He chose fascinating stories, biographies and examples through which the subject came to life.

  5. Kindle Customer

    enlightening and entertaining — I had no idea finding drugs was so hard and subject to chance
    fascinating treatment of the history and difficulty of finding effective drugs. most important point is that hunting drugs is not like building a car, where the manufacturer knows that its engineers, with enough time and money, can build a specific product. It is more like disney creating movies, where there is no certain formula for a blockbuster. millions are lost because there is no simple way to get there …. much of the discovery depends on prepared luck. Sometimes even outsiders find drugs. Have a little sympathy for the devil ….uh ….. i mean big pharma. try as they might, there just no certainty in drug discovery. the book is simply fascinating. I listed to the audible version — good narrator.

  6. Jan

    Important insights
    This was an unusual reading choice for me, but it offered important insights into the complex art and science of the development of drugs through history and, in my personal opinion, for public outcry and government and foundation funding of medical research facilities independent of big Pharma.A very thought provoking read!

  7. GrammieB

    Luck and work
    Interesting book and look into the history of drugs. Rare successes and many mistakes.

  8. Kevin Freiert

    Sweeping history of the discovery and development of medicines.
    The book gives a sweeping history of medicine through the perspectives of the people doing the research. The stories show the human elements like competitiveness, miscommunication, differing values, and sheer ingenuity. Having spent 30 years on this Improble Quest myself, it was a joy to read. I even knew some of the people mentioned.

  9. Manolis

    Just a fantastic book for those interested in the subject. Well written, informative and with an excellent narrative style.

  10. R Turner

    Simple framework of the different ‘ages’ of drug development with very interesting and entertaining case studies. Would love to read more such stories behind the drugs that have changed the world.

  11. michael boltman

    Great read

  12. K. T. Marley

    A really well written and very interesting book, with plenty of “wow, I never knew that!” moments.

  13. K. A. Baird

    Very interesting book.

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