PowerSi Bloom 500mL


Power SI bloom
monosilicic acid


Price: $52.50
(as of Jun 24,2024 05:44:33 UTC – Details)

PowerSi Bloom 500mL is a powerful and effective bloom booster for your plants. This concentrated formula is designed to promote healthy growth and abundant flowering in all types of plants. With a balanced blend of essential nutrients and minerals, PowerSi Bloom 500mL helps to increase flower size, improve flower quality, and enhance overall plant health. Give your plants the boost they need to thrive and bloom beautifully with PowerSi Bloom 500mL.

8 reviews for PowerSi Bloom 500mL

  1. Lali Wilkinson

    Plants love it!
    One of the best silicates on the market, hands down!

  2. Coherentshelf

    Overboard on the packaging but no complaints here
    This thing could have been run over by a tank and still been intact. It was heat sealed 2-3 times encase it leaked which is a HUGE improvement on the ones I usually order. All in all it can on time and was packaged very well plus the product is in date by 8-9 months.👍🏻

  3. William Pate

    If you have the money full send
    It’s not hype it’s results. Any product that increases yield and quality like this is worth every penny.

  4. Michael

    Must buy
    Power si is a game changer

  5. Artizahn

    Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)
    While the product works as expected, the expiration date reduces its use. I received a bottle that expires 5 months from the date of purchase. Had I known that I would be given less than a year’s use, I would have opted for a smaller size, and or different product. For the application rate and volume, this was an over expenditure.

  6. Smoove

    Should last you for a good while

  7. landen

    Amazing product,
    Amazing product, great support, price on here a little high.

  8. Gio Van Dam

    Product arrived damaged
    The bottle was leaking everywhere, not sure how much I lost but it was a lot.

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