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1. Hanging propagation station tube: 3 different length test tube : 4.7″; 5.9″; 7.8″ ! Increase the sense of hierarchy.You can hang the glass plant terrarium in the bedroom, living room, office, a nice touch to any room, put it on window sill.
2. Gardening gifts for women:Younger plants, creepers, grass, pothos, and miniature ferns would do nicely. Needs will vary with different species and families, and where you choose to display them!
3. Unique Design: Easy to hang up with rope ( included ).It helps beautify and purify your house or office, a good decoration for your home. Plants and decorations are not included.
4.Material : High boron silicon heat resistant glass. Iron Stents Size 🙁 L: 8.8/ 10.7 /12.8 inch ; W:1.6 inch.) It is a high-quality choice for hydroponic plant lovers.
Package includes : 3 x Hanging Test Tubes; 3 x Iron Stents; 3 x Hanging Twine(3.3 ft at least); 3 x Hanging Hooks ( No plant or other decorative objects included in this item.


Price: $16.99
(as of Jun 24,2024 05:57:41 UTC – Details)

The Ivolador 3 Pack Unique Size Test Tube Hanging Glass Planters are a stylish and modern way to display your favorite plants. These hanging glass planters are perfect for small succulents, air plants, or even fresh flowers. The unique size and shape of each test tube adds a contemporary touch to any space. Hang them in a row for a cohesive look, or scatter them throughout your home for a pop of greenery. These planters also make a great gift for plant lovers or anyone looking to add a touch of nature to their home decor. Add a touch of elegance to your space with the Ivolador 3 Pack Unique Size Test Tube Hanging Glass Planters.

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Customers like the appearance, quality and ease of use of the vivarium. For example, they mention it looks really nice, has a unique design and is easy to assemble. Some appreciate the versatility and gift-giving possibilities. That said, opinions are mixed on size and thickness.

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  1. Patrick Sommers

    I realized to myself.
    Well these worked so well and the price was soRight I should of got a few more right off..I’m aPlant person my home is full of light and theyLook so cool hanging in the window’s…Quality was impressive to see right off.I will buy more.. oh great shapes… clear glass.Doc Sommers.

  2. Kindle Customer

    Happy plants!
    I love the small size, the hangers are sturdy and attractive

  3. osvaldo

    Looks cool!
    Overall I like this product. It was easy to assemble and It added the extra cool aesthetic I was looking for lol. I would highly recommend it.

  4. Rita

    Looks great, great quality.I already have customers wanting them. Easy to hang!

  5. Erin O’Connell

    These are wonderful and look really beautiful. I’ve had them about a month and have already propagated some wandering dudes, basil and am currently working on the next round. I would love to see some with slightly bigger holes added to the collection. Thanks for the joy they really make me very happy.

  6. Amber P

    So pretty! Very sturdy!
    I really like the look of these hanging in my window. It’s really hard to get any live plant clippings to stay in them, much less propagate or thrive. I can’t imaging flowers would work any better, being so top heavy. I think they’d just fall out, like most things do. The best plants for them have bendy thick, long stems that can criss cross inside, and hold each other in. Kind of a tall order. It’s pretty much just my neon philodendron.The water beads make them so pretty, and I like that they were included, but they are hard to get out, and it’s not good to just let them sit in water forever. Bacteria can really thrive, and it makes it hard to change out the water, which is necessary if you want it to look nice and your clippings to stay alive.It would be difficult to take them down whenever they need a rinse and some fresh water, depending on how you tie them and how high up they are. Mine are very high, so I get on my step ladder with a small bucket, dump the water in there, squirt a little water & vinegar inside, shake it around, dump in bucket, and let dry before I refill.I’m probably going to start keeping artificial plants in them, to be honest, but they’ll still look great!

  7. SoCalTejana

    These are so cute!
    I hung mine on the kitchen ceiling next to my sink window! I don’t have much space left on my counter with all my plants and herbs lol and they have starting sprouting roots!!!

  8. Eric Schrecengost

    Cute but holes too small
    I really liked this product and was able to use it to propagate two plants, but my pothos cuttings are stuck in the last jar and are too large to come out.

  9. Fimas

    Son pequeños y sencillos pero están bonitos

  10. LM

    I separated the 3 Test Tube Hanging Glass Planters, 2 in 1 window, 1 in another and can honestly say that I am really happy that I bought them. A stylish way to propagate ones plants. Easy to set up, amazing value for what you receive. Thank you.

  11. Marina L.

    The size is perfect and the glass is good quality and clear. I wish someone would buy me a few more as a gift. I didn’t quite know what I was going to use them for but decided to make sconces with them. They’re dangling against a wall from silver-toned hooks with cool white fairy lights inside. Magical! I think they’d look wonderful hung in front of a window partly filled with glass beads or marbles in either varying degrees of blue or green. A very versatile product that would make a perfect gift to a glasslover.

  12. Eli

    The shapes are very beautiful and they look amazing. Take extra care as they are very delicate and break easily. Would buy again. 5*

  13. Ms. A. Roberts

    Lovely planters! They are just as the picture. Good quality. The string is nice and thick. The glass is just right and has a nice flat bottom.Great packaging, and even came with wall fixings. Although I haven’t used them as I hung them.The string even came precut.Absolutely lovely 5*

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