CATPOWER 1.5 Gallons Substantial Dimension Glass Jar With Mouth Canning…


Made of clear glass without lead, clear at a glance.
Stainless steel metal lid without rubber ring, corrosion resistant, not easy to rust, screw closure, good sealing.
Wide mouth design, easy access and cleaning. Perfect to store flour, beans, spices, baking goods, cookies, biscuits, candies, chocolate, nuts, fruits, vegetables, pet supplies etc.
Great to be used as a storage jar or decorative jar in Kitchen, Pantry, Cafes, Restaurants, Shops, Hotels, Offices, Bathroom etc.
Delicate & Practical gift for your families, girlfriend, friends, colleagues on Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Anniversary, Housewarming etc.


Price: $22.99
(as of Jun 24,2024 06:06:28 UTC – Details)

Introducing the CATPOWER 1.5 Gallons Substantial Dimension Glass Jar With Mouth Canning. This large glass jar is perfect for storing and preserving your favorite fruits, vegetables, jams, and more. With a 1.5-gallon capacity, this jar is spacious enough to hold all your homemade goodies. The wide mouth design makes it easy to fill and clean, while the durable glass material ensures long-lasting use. Upgrade your canning game with the CATPOWER Glass Jar!

13 reviews for CATPOWER 1.5 Gallons Substantial Dimension Glass Jar With Mouth Canning…

  1. Sharon Nelson

    Looks good and easy to open
    I bought it to put my Cheerios in–it holds nearly 2 large boxes of cereal. Boxes and the inner linings of the cereal are hard to manage and I always ended up with cereal on the floor. This jar works wonders. The lid easily screws off and with the help of a measuring cup, I can fill my cereal bowl. No fuss, no mess.

  2. Diana Harper

    Lid seals tightly
    It is perfect! I use it for making sun tea. Nothing that I don’t want, can get into the container, while it sits outside.

  3. Karen L.

    how large and love it!
    There are not many sealed glass containers as large. Placed flour and rice

  4. cher

    Perfect for kombucha
    This is my 2nd 1.5 gallon jar as I accidentally cracked my first one due to adding the hot tea to the cool (but unfortunately, not cold) water in the jar while making kombucha. I was very pleased to see that this size was still available so immediately ordered a replacement which arrived quickly. This 1.5 gallon vessel allows 1 gallon of kombucha which is perfect for making eight 16 oz individual kombucha bottles for the second fermentation. I drink kombucha daily so need to have plenty on hand, which is why I prefer this size. Highly recommend!

  5. SuLu

    Very large mason-style jar w/vintage appeal; glass is not as thick or heavy as expected…
    This jar is absolutely charming…it has the appearance of an old-fashioned mason jar and would look great holding wrapped candy. I’m not such a fan of the generic ‘vintage’ logo, however. The two-gallon size is huge. Unfortunately, the glass is not as thick or heavy as I would expect for a jar of this size; it is nothing like a true mason jar. I initially had the idea of using this jar for tea or lemonade, but now that I have seen it, I wouldn’t trust that the glass is strong enough to hold up to the weight of a liquid. I think this jar is only suitable for storing dry goods or light-weight items. The lid does not have a gasket and it is also quite flimsy — mine was already dented on arrival. This very large jar is a bit pricey, but it is very attractive and if reasonable care is taken, I think it will work out well for light-duty or decorative purposes.

  6. Brad

    Used as a fish bowl.
    I used this item as a fish bowl. I drilled holes in the top to protect the fish from the cat. It was a cool fish bowl.

  7. deb small

    loved it
    loved everything

  8. Lisa Rotola

    The size of the jar is great for our Limoncello making but the top of the jar leaks. When shaking the jar it leaks from the top.

  9. Shan

    The lid is on the cheap side would be nice to have a better quality but the glass seems to be nice and think. Also it’s a bit overpriced in my opinion if the lid was better then I would say it’s worth the price but I think the lid can be a bit there or thicker it’s think and it can bend easily if not careful

  10. Rebis

    Very nice large glass jar. I bought this one because it has a stainless steel lid, instead of the sloppy aluminum ones on other seller jars.

  11. Margit Przybilla

    Der Glasbehälter sieht optisch sehr schön aus und gefällt mir richtig gut. Habe mittlerweile schon drei Stück. Vielleicht ist der Preis etwas überteuert, aber er war es mir dann letztendlich doch wert. Ich wollte diese großen Gläser unbedingt haben.

  12. Jersey Yan

    Ordered three of these. Came as two shipments bover two days.First one ok, flimsy tin lid but ok for pasta storage, marked as Yorkshire glass. Second package sounded like a bag of spanners so was REFUSED. Hoping to get a refund in due course. Good basic jar.

  13. Amazon Customer

    It’s a massive jar I love it. Exactly what I was looking for. A little expensive though.

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