Acrylic Display Situation for Collectibles Assemble Distinct Acrylic…

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📏【Size】8x8x12 inch, 20x20x30 cm acrylic display cases for collectibles. NOTE: please tear off the protective film on both sides of each acrylic board before install. Please refer to the picture 6 or the drop down product detail page to learn how to calculate the size of the box you need to buy for your collection.
💎【Luxury Decorative Effect】 premium and high quality acrylic provide a elegant and modern look, give your collectibles or beloved items a luxury home against dust or damage, it could help you better display and organize your collection.
😃【Easy to Assemble】our unique innovative construction make it very easy to assemble. Please follow the user manual which comes with the package or watch our online install videos to assemble the small lego display case, within few minutes you can get a brand new clear acrylic display case. Any questions, please feel free to contact us.
💯【Dustproof Design&Thicker Base】the newly came out design is the first time to achieve true dust-free protection, no outdated slot edges. Keep the collection dust-free, reduce sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, no yellowing and no discoloration. Thicker base, stable, easy to move and stack. Not like other thin plastic base, fragile and can’t be moved.
🎁【Intended Use】packge inclued: display case box, user manual, gifted(glove+cleaning cloth+usb fairy lights). These acrylic boxes for display are suitable to show off your collectibles, sports memorabilia, toys, figurines, doll, action figures, souveniers, models, statues, legos, sculptures. Must have home storage case, also a unqiue and special gift for your friends or family members.


Price: $39.99 - $29.99
(as of Jun 24,2024 04:32:37 UTC – Details)

The Acrylic Display Situation for Collectibles is the perfect way to showcase and protect your prized possessions. Made from high-quality acrylic, this display case is durable and crystal clear, allowing your collectibles to shine. The unique design features multiple compartments to easily assemble and organize your items. Whether you’re displaying action figures, model cars, or sports memorabilia, this acrylic display case is a must-have for any collector. Keep your collectibles safe and beautifully displayed with this distinct acrylic case.

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Customers have negative opinions about the value of the display enclosure. They say it’s a total waste of money and rendered useless after the first try. Customers disagree on quality and ease of assembly.

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  1. Sasha Campbell

    Easy to assemble, great quality.
    The manufacturer provides everything in perfect condition: piece of glass (5 total: 4 sides plus on top) are protected with a protective film on each side. As white gloves are provided (yes, that’s super cool), you can easily manipulate each piece of glass without putting any finger prints. It just takes a little bit of time, like a minute, to remove the protective film on each side with you nail but once it’s done, the assembly is a piece of cake. I am impressed that a Chinese product has been so well designed. Price is really good. I bought another one! They even provide more clips than what you need in case of default, and a usb led cable to illuminate your content. And 2 cloths. Really a great product.

  2. Publius Scipio

    Easy to Assemble and Solid
    I was a little hesitant to order this, given some of the recent critical reviews, but the price won me over. I’m glad I took the chance!The pieces are small and it requires a little bit of patience if you’re using the included gloves they send you, but I thought assembly was pretty straight-forward. It helps to go in with a plan (e.g. try to lay things on your work surface so you have supports; also, I deviated from the instructions just a bit: after connecting the first sides to the top, I would attach a new side completely – top to bottom – rather than circling around twice… it’ll make more sense if you get it and see the instructions.)Oh, some people have posted reviews complaining about the foggy panels, but they’re just not very good at peeling the film that protects the panels. Each panels has a film on the front AND back that needs to be peeled.All in all, I’m very happy with the purchase and would definitely get another display case from this company in the future.

  3. Brittany

    Watch the instructional video
    At first I thought it was defective because the instructions were vague and it seemed that there was no way the pieces would fit together. I went to return it and it took me to a video for instructions. After watching that, I realized I was doing a couple things wrong and it actually does work. It looks nice and is good quality for what you pay for.

  4. Nicole Herrera

    I got the case build but damn is this product pathetic..
    I make and collect, statues and figures and when this ad came up, I thought, ‘hey, this is way cheaper than any case I’ve ever bought.’And after receiving it….. I also realized it was reasonably so.When I purchased this product, I was well-aware of some of the negative reviews saying that the holes don’t line-up. Fine, I can fix that.But what I wasn’t prepared for was the amount of frustration caused by the wiggling and wobbling, from the super cheap plastic sheets provided as ‘the case’.A minor bump to the acrylic/plastic sheets would cause it to crack/fall and break, and I’m not about to order another sheet just for this when I can buy an actual, quality case for maybe $20-$30+ on top of what I paid here. I don’t think I’ve ever written such an in-depth negative review with deep disappointment. This case is not only a waste of time and money, but effort as well.Realistically, I think it would be best for Amazon to remove this product as this beats the purpose for a collector, and destroys the expectation for the buyer once received.

  5. A

    Tricky but worth it
    I needed a good sized display box for my One Piece Portrait of Pirates Brook figure. The assembly is not too bad once you figure out how the snapping pins work (I’d never seen this type before, you use the pin to sort of split the sleeve’s head open and lock it in place), but in particular getting the last few in does suck since it’s hard to get an angle to push hard enough without breaking the panel. I ended up getting a lot of them by putting it on bubble wrap on the floor so I could carefully press down that way and even then it took a lot of tries. If you have a lot of finger strength (I don’t) it’ll probably be easier, but again I don’t think the panels could survive rough handling. Once assembled your troubles are over, it looks great and seals up tightly. The gloves and extra backup bits were a nice inclusion. I don’t keep mine in a place where I can really use the lights, though, so I put them away and can’t comment on those.

  6. KayKay

    Very easy to set up
    It was incredibly easy to set up, I’m not sure where people are misunderstanding the instructions. Also there is a protective film on both sides of the acrylic sheets which peeled off easy enough, I see people getting confused with that too weirdly enough (this is common for acrylic items like this). The only complaint I have is that the acrylic sheets are a little flimsy but this is a really cheap display case so that’s to be expected.

  7. Josh Jeffords

    Yikes this is not what I wanted but I guess it will work
    First off I have like 10-15 display cases and building them is often a snap, it is not intuitive or easy.The instructions are ok for once you see the design makes no sense and to figure where you went wrong.Using friction lock fasteners on a thing with zero stability is not a good idea.Once assembled I noticed it is a full half to 5/8 inches taller than listed double checked on tape measure.So it cannot go where I need it to go and it is super tall where depth would have been more useful maybe that was my fault.Lastly I have a $1000 train set inside of it well the fragile parts as stated wrong dimensions.This thing has zero security for theft or for just falling apart kinda pointless for a display case.

  8. John

    Great Quality
    Not hard at all to assemble, a tad pricey but also worth it. Comes with a small string of LED/ USB lights but there is no pass through for the cable so either you have to drill one or lay the wire under the case.

  9. Guillermo Perez

    La calidad es buena, los paneles no cierran herméticos, pero si protegen del polvo, el ensamble es muy sencillo y vienen muy bien protegidos con sus plásticos Al principio parece que no son traslucidos pero, vienen muy bien pegados y por los dos lados. Buena caja por el precio

  10. Augusto

    Me gusto porque esta firme el acrílico, protégé bien la figura y no entra polvo, la luces no les veo mucho caso pero el producto excelente, compraría una de nuevo 😎

  11. mario

    muy dificil de armar pero al final se ve bien lo malo es que si se raya muy rapido el plastico


    El acrílico semi transparente, nada aquel ver con el de la foto, ni quitando el plástico protector.

  13. Emiliano L.

    La vitrina la compré para posar la figura Hot Toys de la Bruja Escarlata cuya escalada es de 1/6 pulgadas y quedó excelente.-El producto venía bien embalado, las instrucciones son en inglés y entendibles.Además de que no es difícil de armarla.-Viene con unas luces que no son la gran cosa.-El plástico es bueno para el precio, pero sí tiende a rayarse fácilmente.Si quieres una vitrina para figuras escala 1/6 a buen precio es una excelente opción mientras ahorras para alguna mejor. Además de que sí protege del polvo.

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