Cannabis Delivery Trends


4/20 is known as the cannabis holiday of the year. Leading up to the day, brands are constantly promoting special sales, discounts, and maybe even new products in the hopes of making some of the most sales out of the whole year. While many assume 4/20 is the most popular day for cannabis purchases, New Year’s Eve actually takes the honors. 

High for the Holidays

According to new data on cannabis delivery trends from last mile delivery management software provider Onfleet, cannabis deliveries were the highest on December 31 both in 2021 and 2020, followed by 4/20. Onfleet analyzed more than 10 million deliveries between January 1, 2020 and March 23, 2022 to uncover cannabis purchasing behaviors. The month of December has the most amount of delivery orders overall in both 2021 and 2020, and despite Thanksgiving being the second lowest delivery day of the year in 2021, the two adjacent days (before and after the holiday) were among the most popular. 

“New Year’s Eve had the highest cannabis deliveries in both 2021 and 2020 probably because people are starting to look for alternatives to alcohol with safer and quicker recovery times,” Katherine Lehman, Manager, Marketing Demand Generation at Onfleet, said. “Traditionally, 4/20 can fall in the middle of the week, but many times consumers have celebrations planned for New Year’s or Christmas Eve, and they also have the next day off to recover, so as appealing as it may be to celebrate 4/20, it is easier to celebrate with that next day off.” 

Changing Delivery Habits

According to Onfleet’s data, Taco Tuesdays are becoming THC Tuesdays. This year has changed consumers’ delivery habits — while Friday, Thursday, and Saturday were the top three days, respectively, for cannabis deliveries in both 2021 and 2020, Tuesday overtook Thursday for the third spot in 2022 year-to-date. More noteworthy top 2022 delivery days include the Friday leading up to the first holiday weekend of the year, MLK Jr. Day, and the Friday leading up to the second holiday weekend of the year, Presidents’ Day. 

“Onfleet has also noticed an increase in basket sizes over the past few years, so consumers are more likely to take their time making purchases and do more research on that purchase, versus in-store where you have to go in, admit you are buying cannabis, and potentially be seen by someone you know,” Lehman said. “Online allows you to be more anonymous, meaning you can explore more. Online buyers have a higher basket size because there is less risk of the purchase. They also tend to be repeat customers as well, so they are not just buying for a special occasion. They can buy it more frequently and schedule deliveries for special holidays, making the process a little easier.” 

When to Spend Your Marketing Dollars

Lehman predicts that New Year’s Eve will once again take the honor of having the most cannabis deliveries in 2022. Especially with this year, 4/20 fell smack dab in the middle of the week, and as much as consumers may want to take that day off to celebrate, it is not possible for everyone and spring break just ended for many college students. Mehman also predicts that Thanksgiving may see an increase in deliveries. 

“Because this is another one of those holidays that is more relaxing, it is usually a high alcohol purchase day, and many consumers come home to see their families, which can be a mixed bag. It can be pretty stressful, and I can see people saying they do not want to get drunk around their family, but may want to mellow out and enjoy the experience more. I think we will see an increase in cannabis deliveries around Thanksgiving,” Lehman said. 

This data can help cannabis retailers plan their marketing tactics throughout the year to make sure they reach out to customers who are ready and looking to make a purchase. As more states continue to allow cannabis to be purchased, let your brand be the one all of the shoppers flock to.