Dab Rig Essentials


The type of water pipe which is designed to use with oils or wax concentrates through the dabbing process is called a “Dab Rig.” It’s called dabbing because you dab your concentrates on the heated dab nail. The nail is then heated until it glows within a glass chamber. After that, vapor is sucked into the chamber, filtered through water, and the user inhales it.

How a dab rig is different from a traditional bong

While the most basic variants may resemble a regular water pipe, dab rigs have their own set of tricks. Dab rigs use features that are slightly different from those found in a standard dry cannabis bong.

Smaller in size

To begin with, they’re generally smaller, but with good cause. Dabs, which are preferably vapor rather than smoke, produce far stronger hits than dry herbs. The basic variant of the rigs comes in about 8 to 11 inches in size.


A recycler is another popular design for a dab rig body. A recycler has two chambers, one of which contains a filter or percolator and the other of which serves as a reservoir. Recycler dab rigs provide a variety of functional advantages in addition to their stylish appearance. The water and vapor flow together from both sides of the recycler to cool down the dab and to generate a smoother hit.

Why Use Dab Rig?

Dab rigs have become affordable and their taste is different from vaping and smoking. This is because, at high temperature, the dab is vaporized instantly. The effect is immediate, as the dab nail converts all its focus into a vapor that is instantly transported into the bloodstream through the lungs.