Cannabis Dispensary Merchandising Display Trends for 2022


First impressions matter for retailers across the board, especially if you are running a cannabis dispensary. As the owner or manager of your dispensary, one of the first things you want to do is make your shop feel unique, calm, clean, and impressively immaculate. 

When it comes to successful merchandising for your dispensary, business owners should start with the basics by considering your unique space, layout, featured inventory, accessories, and your budget. When consumers first visit your location, they want to feel at ease — finding what they are looking for without any struggle — all while receiving white glove service. With a proper visual merchandising strategy in place, there will be no questioning if they will return. Listed below are a few professional tips and trends on how to create a signature aesthetic for your cannabis dispensary in 2022:

Clean, Minimalist Displays to Help Focus Consumers

As a first time consumer at any dispensary, it can feel overwhelming to navigate the different types and flavors of products to purchase. With hundreds of variations of cannabis products on the market, presentation needs to be straightforward to suitably display all the viable options. Whether your dispensary is merchandising edibles, flowers, pre-rolls, beverages, chillums, or vape pens, having the appropriate display cases on hand is crucial to the success of the shopper  experience. 

nitro can gravity dispensery

Choosing transparent, acrylic cases, pods, and jars for your products is ideal as they can effortlessly and safely present a wide array of items. Pods allow for a clean and clear environment so consumers can see and smell the quality of your goods. Acrylic tube holders store pre-rolled joint tubes, cartridges, vape pens, e-cigs and more like items — providing a neat and organized way to showcase multiple products in an unobtrusive setting. Clear acrylic helps store and display your cannabis products in an elegant fashion and allows the shopper to focus on the product on hand without getting lost in the riff-raff of the store’s background.

Innovative Lighted Presentations

Highlight your cannabis products with a show-stopping lighted LED display. Sleek cannabis display lighting makes your inventory more appealing and can be more persuasive in the way of sales. Bright, low heat, energy-efficient LED lighting without UV are the absolute best display case lights for dispensaries, shops, and CBD stores across the board. The sleek presentation of the LED display also provides an upscale, trendy way to highlight merchandise that naturally elevates your consumer’s experience.

Eco-Friendly Plastic Displays

Many cannabis dispensaries are taking an eco-conscious pledge in effort to be more mindful of their carbon footprint. While plastic, especially that of durable acrylic, gets a bad rap, there are new innovative recyclable acrylics available on the market to help improve the circular economy. 

Environmentally friendly and responsibly recycled PLEXIGLAS® is made up of 90 percent reused acrylic glass that can be used for a myriad of cannabis displays. Since many cannabis consumers are eco-conscious, it is important to invest in this kind of acrylic as a dispensary owner or manager to better align with the values and morals of its target demographic while also remaining authentic to your brand. Customized cannabis dispensary displays made of recycled acrylic enjoy the same characteristics of original acrylic such as clarity and durability, yet resonate with socially responsible dispensary owners and patrons.

A Touch of Green

Adding a touch of green to your cannabis dispensary reinstates the idea of eco-friendliness while also providing a tranquil and serene touch to your displays. Whether you choose to add planters around your space or customize your acrylic displays with this refreshing color, your consumers will have a subconscious positive impact to this design choice leading to more sales and consumer loyalties.

The key to any successful cannabis dispensary is all in the messaging with the support of a strong visual merchandising plan. This dynamic duo will help create an easy connection and build loyalty with the consumer, your merchandise, and authentic brand — a win-win for the dispensary and consumer alike.

Marla Bracco is a professional content creator for the retail industry and a writer at, a leading manufacturer of in-stock and customizable food service retail point-of-purchase (POP) displays and merchandise.