5 Tips to Find High-Quality CBD Oil


by Adriana Curtis

The demand for CBD products including CBD oil has risen manifold over the past few years. A wide range of patients are interested in consuming the compound for its unique therapeutic potential. And with the growing demand of CBD oil, many small businesses claiming the best CBD products have entered the cannabis market for nothing but profit maximization.

In a market scenario like this, it becomes imperative for a user to be careful. Well, in this blog, we will discuss all the things that you need to keep in mind while finding a high-quality CBD oil. But, let us first know more about CBD oil and its potential effects.

CBD Oil: Potential Benefits

CBD oil is generally extracted from hemp plants and enjoys a dedicated following for its therapeutic potential. The oil contains a very little concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive component of cannabis which is known to induce the ‘high’ feeling.

So, CBD oil will not give you the euphoric feeling; it is widely used by patients to ease the symptoms of medical conditions, such as anxiety, pain, epilepsy and even cancer. Though CBD is legal in almost all the US states, you might need a 420 medical card online to access cannabis products containing more than 0.3 % THC.

How to Find High-Quality CBD Oil

As mentioned earlier, with the growing demand for cannabis and its compounds like CBD, many fraud businesses have taken their place in the market. Though the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) is well-aware of these companies, the department advises the common man to follow some key points before making a CBD purchase. Below are some of the points describing how you can find high-quality CBD oil.

Know About the Oil Extraction Process

Different brands use different extraction processes to extract CBD oil from hemp. So, it becomes important to know about the exact extraction process as a cheap phenomenon can leave harmful intoxicants in the oil, making it unsafe for consumption. We will not get into complicated scientific terms, just remember to prefer the product extracted via ethanol or CO2 process. 

Place Where Hemp is Grown

Hemp is known to be a hyperaccumulator plant as it absorbs everything that’s in the soil, such as minerals and toxic metals. Always look for products that use USDA certified carried oil as CBD oil consists of both cannabis oil and carrier oil. Also, the CBD oil should be tested by a lab accredited with ISO/IEC as it suggests that the product is free from harmful chemicals.

Third-party Lab Results

This is very important. Having a product tested by a third party lab provides you the necessary information about the concentrations of different compounds like CBD and THC. Whenever you buy a CBD oil, make sure to scan the QR code from your phone as it will show you third-party lab results.

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

A certificate of analysis helps you know about the exact composition of CBD or THC in your product. Don’t forget to cross-check the reports of independent lab test reports with COA. If you don’t find the COA of a particular product, write an email to the specific company and demand COA.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, make sure you carry enough information in your head about different products. A confused buyer is easier to be fooled than a confident one. Make sure you’re the confident one.

Author Bio:
Adriana Curtis is who you would call a quintessential wellness guru. She believes that to truly thrive one needs to adopt more holistic practices. She views cannabis as nature’s way of giving us something that helps us achieve homeostasis. She works as a content writer for several established businesses and is a big supporter of the cannabis movement.